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What is a Video Call and how to pass it?

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Video Call is one of the verification procedures required when the customer reaches the 75,000 EUR threshold. 

We also ask to pass this step if the client is over 65 years old and reaches the 50,000 EUR.

The call is made using Zoom and is organised by sending the customer an email with a link where they can choose a date and time that suits them for a video call.
Once the customer has chosen a date and time, an email with a link to the video call is automatically sent to the customer.


During that call, we will verify that our customer fully understand that Voltcoins is an exchange service allowing customers to exchange fiat for cryptocurrency.
Our client must have a general understanding of what Voltcoins is and the Terms and Conditions of a bitcoin vs fiat exchange on our platform.

To go through this step, the client need just few things:

ID document
2. Device with the camera (computer, smartphone, laptop, etc);

Here you can check step-by-step instructions:

1. Choose a meeting date and time that suits you from the link in your email inbox.


2. Follow the link and choose the date and time for the meeting


3. Fill in your personal details and select the language that you are able to speak


4. Your meeting is scheduled and confirmed to the email address you provided


5. Follow the link in your email inbox to join the meeting at the time and date you have scheduled


6.     Download Zoom app on your device:


7.     Open the installer app by clicking on it in the left bottom corner:




8.     Proceed with installing



9.     Once Zoom is installed, you will see this window




10.     You will be asked to “Sign in’ or “Sign up”, but you can ignore that step, as this it is not mandatory one.


Need to add step and link to the Video call article


11.     After clicking the link, you will be forwarded to the website, where you will have to click “Launch Meeting” button.



12.     Zoom app will be opened and you will be asked to type in your name.




13.     You will be asked to check your camera. Turn it on and press button “Join”.




14.     You have joined the waiting room. Wait until our agent will let you join.




15. You will see this window, once you were invited to the meeting.




16. You will be asked to check connect your Audio. Press “Join with computer audio”. If Zoom asks for access to the camera and microphone, you must provide it




17. If everything was done correctly, you will see these buttons without red lines.




18. If you see that both or one of the buttons are crossed with red line(like on the screenshot), push it to activate and proceed with the instructions from Zoom.




You are ready to pass Video Call verification measure!


If you still need assistance, you can check official Zoom video-guide, using this link:

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